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Art therapy Groups

You do not need to be an artist to benefit from art therapy.  Art therapy is about finding a new way to express yourself, not about the quality of artwork produced.  Since trauma is stored without words, as images and body sensations, making art can be a helpful way to move through the emotions associated with these memories in a way that traditional talk therapy does not allow. Having experienced the healing powers of art-making first hand, I am passionate and eager to share this amazing tool with others.  Creating art gives people a sense of control, purpose, and accomplishment when life circumstances leave them feeling powerless.  In addition, visual and symbolic expression are powerful ways to get around the limitations of language when trying to communicate experiences that you may not have words for.  If you find that you are struggling with creating an image due to technical difficulties, rest assured that I will help you to problem-solve and create whatever images you set out to make.  I am currently offering art therapy groups for clients in residential addiction and eating disorder treatment centers.  These groups are not open to the public.  If you are interested in partnering to offer art therapy services at another location, please feel free to contact me.

Self-Care Workshops

​It can be really hard to prioritize your self-care, especially if no one is holding you accountable to actually follow through with dedicating time to yourself.  As a result, I offer individualized creative workshops to small groups and organizations to assist community members and local professionals in developing and maintaining healthy self-care routines.  The workshops include a bit of education, a lot of art-making, and some goal-setting with new accountability partners.  If you are interested in hosting a self-care workshop for your organization or a group of friends, please feel free to contact me!

Kayak Tours

Nature is a great teacher!  When we spend time in nature, we learn to be present in the moment, let go of stress, and push ourselves beyond what we thought we were capable of.  Treat yourself to an adventure on the Colorado river and sign up for a 4-, 6-, or 12-mile kayak tour with Evolution Expeditions.  Don't forget to request me, Michelle, as your guide!    

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